Gowns. Waterproof. Antibacterial. Fungicide. Cotton fabric

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- Sanitary Waterproof Isolation Gowns (resistant to liquids and humidity) and with Hydrophobic properties (repels water).
- With Antibacterial and Fungicide Treatment.
- Aerosol filtration efficiency > 94% - Directive 93/42/EEC -
- Particle filtration efficiency > 92% - Directive 93/42/EEC -
- Ensures protection against solid and liquid aerosols.
- Guarantee adequate tightness against the environmental atmosphere.
- High breathability <32% Pa/cm2.
- Made of cotton fabric.
- Reusable. They admit 50 washes without affecting the characteristics of the fabric. Iron after washing to activate the properties of the fabric.
- These reusable gowns are susceptible to sterilization in ozone cabin.
- Easy to put on, with ties at the back (neck and waist) for extra support.
- Long sleeves with elasticated cuffs.
- Round neck.
- One size fit all: loose length and width measurements to comfortably cover anyone's body.
- White color
- Maximum hygiene: presented in individual bags.
- 100% manufactured on site.
- Made in the European Union.